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Patagonia, ARG Packing List

In March of 2023, I co-lead a group of 11 hikers in Patagonia, Argentina with TrovaTrip.

*Please note that some of the links included in this post are affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission on any purchase made - at no additional cost to you. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Thank you for supporting!

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Our trip was planned for late March to early April when the summer fades into fall. This is a less than ideal time to travel to Patagonia, as it is essentially shoulder season, meaning poorer visibility and tricky weather. During our trip, we encountered high winds (60mph), rain, sleet, and snow.

Below you can find the average temperature profile.

Necessary for Travel



Make sure you take out about $500 USD before traveling to Patagonia to exchange there! Any guided tours that you take, you will need to tip in cash! Also the power went out almost everyday for about 1-2 hours while we were there, so you couldn't pay with card since the WiFi was out. Make sure you have cash if you need it.

Proper Vaccinations & Proof of Vaccination

You will need to prove COVID-19 vaccination depending on where you are traveling back to!

Travel Insurance (shop World Nomads here)

Travel Bags

This is a great pick for a carry-on, which holds my camera, all tech, trail runners, and clothes. This has built-in packing cubes, which ia a lifesaver!

This is the pack I actually used as my carry-on. This held my camera gear, laptop, toiletries, travel pillows, and Rumpl blanket.

I rarely travel without using packing cubes. I will be using these for my duffel bag!

I used this duffle bag to pack my hiking gear and clothing.

I will pack this in my carry-on so that I can have a small bag to carry around in town.


1 Down Jacket (women's - here)

1 Rain Jacket (women's - here)

1 Pair of Waterproof Pants (women's - similar here)

1 Outdoor Voices Short Sleeve (women's - similar here)

1 set of REI Midweight Baselayers (women's top and bottoms)

1 pair of Outdoor Voices RecTrek Pants (women's - here)

1 pair of Stoic Venture Pant (women's - shop here)

1 pair of Patagonia Baggies (women's - shop here)

3 Sports Bras (this is my favorite for high impact and favorite for low impact and sleep)

1 Casual Sleep Shirt

2 Merino Wool Underwear (women's - here)

1 Beanie (shop here)

1 Hat (shop here)

4 pairs of Wool Socks (hiking / sleeping)

1 pair of Gloves (similar here)

Blundstones (women's - shop here)


Toiletries Dopp Kit (here or here)


Toothpaste (shop here)

Shampoo Bar (shop here)

Conditioner (shop here)

Body Wash Bar

Hair Ties

Medications (2 weeks)


Phone Charger

MacBook Charger

Oura Ring (shop here)

Oura Ring Charger

Power Converter (Chile and Argentina use two separate adaptors, but we only stayed in Argentina. However, Argentina seemed to use almost all of the adaptors, so bring them all!).

Camera - read about what's in my camera bag here

TiFosi Sunglasses (shop here)

Hiking Gear

Hiking Pack (shop here): 24 liters is a good medium day pack. This is a great size for carrying all your layers, lunch, and water you need for your hike!

Trekking Poles (shop here)

Trail Runners (shop my faves here)

Nalgene 2 Liter (shop here)

Water Bladder (shop here)


Electrolytes (my favorites - DripDrop & Nuun)

ProBar's (shop here)

StroopWaffels (shop here)


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