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Lea has a soft spot the path less traveled and building community in the outdoors. She resides in the PNW while obtaining her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Her love for camping, hiking, and backpacking has led her to explore 16 U.S. national parks, summit mountains, and hike in countless state parks. She plans excursions that make camping and exploration a safe space for women and beginners. Lea has learned how to gather a group of strangers and build a community that stays connected. In her free time, she can be found tugging on trail runners for a local hike, finding the nearest tacos, and grabbing a cortado at local coffee shop!

Follow my visual journal on Instagram (@leadawnhart) and Pinterest (@leadawnhart). If you want some quality hiking and backpacking videos, check out my tiktok (@leadawnhart).



Follow me on my wild adventure in the PNW. I am a gal getting my doctorate in clinical psychology while simultaneously inspiring and educating women to get outside with confidence. I decided to lead trips for women as a way to actively live my mission to cultivate a safe space for curious and eager beginners to grow in their knowledge of backpacking, hiking, and camping. Accessing nature shouldn't be limited to the far and few between who spend hours researching and thousands of dollars of gear.


For those who don't know me personally, I can often be bribed with french fries, adventures, and coffee (mostly coffee). I have a passion for writing and adventuring.  I love Jesus, volunteering, researching, and exploring the world.


  Lea Hart



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