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What's In My Camera Bag

I am no camera nerd, so I have a simple gear set-up that works great for all my photography and videography needs. I wanted ONE camera that could do both, photos and video without a bunch of lens swaps.

I am inspired by Elina Osborne's storytelling and her documentation of hikes. She inspires me to begin creating videos of my hikes and adventures.

Disclaimer: I DON'T HAVE FANCY GEAR... but I have gear that is approachable to me and my needs.



I opted for a mirrorless camera body for the lightweight option while backpacking and hiking. Without compromising quality, I saved some weight! The Canon M50 is a great camera for photography AND videography. I purchased it for its lightweight body and versatility.



This kit lens is a great starter for videography and photography. It is a true versatile lens. If this is all you can afford, this is a great starter.

Camera BaG


I bought this pack for my years spent in the PNW where it rains 80% of the year. This pack is weather resistant and makes it perfect for rainy commutes and day pack (while this is not a hiking pack).

This bag has organizational integrations such as fleece line tech pockets, camera cube organization, and padded laptop sleeves.



This cube holds all of my essential gear and accessories that I need for travel and fits in my WANDRD and Gregory packs.

This case holds my SD cards and prevents SD card damage. Since I lost branded footage due to SD damage, I promised myself that my SD cards would always be stored in this case or in my camera. NEVER anywhere else.

SD Cards & Hard Drives


For some reason, I am only loyal to SanDisk, but they are great!

This is a perfect external storage drive for photos, videos, and documents. The only con is that the cord sometimes jiggles out of the port, causing disruption, but with stable surfaces, usage is normal!

Camera Accessories


Since upgrading my laptop, I no longer have an SD reader port (sad realization), so I recommend this SD Card Reader for your standard SD cards.

Again, another laptop upgrade con. I use this adapter to hook up my external hard drive.

OR you can purchase an all-in-one option like this one.

This is another great addition for those of you traveling or living in a rainy climate! This is currently on its way to me in the mail, and I will review it on TikTok once it comes!

Editing Software


I love lightroom because it is more than approachable for beginners while also allowing advanced editors to fins exactly what they need.



This laptop allows for great storage and perfect processing speed for a basic photo and video editing.




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