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39 Hikes I completed in 2022


Wow, wow, wow!! I wanted to share all of the hikes that I completed in 2022, but I thought that I was going to share like 15 hikes!! It turns out I was just 12 hikes short of a hike per week! Not all of the hikes are super difficult, some are literally view points or super short! But, in the hopes of transparency I wanted to show you that hiking often doesn't have to be summiting mountains or trekking in remote spaces



Oregon Coast

6 | Multonomah Falls

Mount Hood

7 | Sahalie Falls Tour Snowshoe

8 & 9 | Badger Creek Trail

Smith Rock State Park

BEnd, Oregon



Mt Rainier National PArk

Olympic National PArk





If you are heading to the grand teton national park, make sure you check out these resources on my page!

Are you preparing to visit the Grand Teton National Park? Look no further than this guide to camping in the Grand Teton front-country.

With three summers spent in this remote and stunning National Park, I know my way around the 485 square miles that makes up the park.

There are many ways to stay in the park, but I am partial to camping. However, if camping is not your jam, you may want to lodge in the park here are your options.

Grand Teton National Park

26 | Backpacking route (Gondola to Phelps Lake Trail)

27 | Jenny Lake Trail

29 | Inspiration Point

30 | Schwabachers LAnding




Great Basin National Park



Great Sand Dunes National Park




My Hiking and camping tips

My go-to hairstyle for all around adventures!

What to wear while camping? Here are my favorite camping baselayers - especially for chilly nights that you might encounter in the Grand Teton National Park. Picking a tent? Read all about my tips, tricks, and recommendations for choosing your backcountry or front-country tent. AND, if tents aren't your jam, then here is a post ALLLLLL about hammocks that you are going to want to read: What You Need To Know About Hammock Camping

Picking a sleeping bag? Comfort is key when camping! I want to snuggle up in a sleeping bag and never feel cold - these are my recommendations for achieving that cozy feeling. Picking a sleeping pad? The purpose of a sleeping pad is to keep you off the ground. The ground can suck your body heat from you, so you want to have distance between you and the ground. The sleeping pad serves as an insulating barrier. This is a necessity when camping in colder temps and GREAT for comfort. Last, if you want to see my gear choices and the pros and cons of the gear that I do have: My Big Three Picks | Pros and Cons That's a wrap! xoxo, Lea Dawn Hart


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