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How to Choose a Sleeping Pad: Terms to Know, My Tips, and My Recommendations

We are getting down to the basics! First, we chatted about backpacks, then tents, theeennnnn sleeping bags, and now sleeping pads! So, you are set on your big three!

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HOw to choose | Sleeping pad

The purpose of a sleeping pad is to keep you off the ground. The ground can suck your body heat from you, so you want to have distance between you and the ground. The sleeping pad serves as an insulating barrier.

Terms to know:

1) R-Value: A pad’s ability to resist heat loss to the ground is measured as R-value—higher R-values are warmer.

2) Closed-Cell: this typically means that the sleeping pad is foam

My tips:

1) Know the difference between sleeping pads: closed-cell foam pad, inflatable, and self-inflating.

  • Each category offers different things.

  • Closed-cell sleeping pads are lightweight and affordable, but can only get so small. This sleeping pad will not pop, which can be the risk with inflatable sleeping pads.

  • Inflatable sleeping pads need to be inflated. They are lightweight and compact but can be more expensive than closed-cell alternatives.

2) How much $$ do you have?

  • Closed-cell foam sleeping pads are the most affordable and durable option for new backpackers. But, for those who value comfortability on the trail, an inflatable sleeping pad may be the best move (if you can afford one).

3) What terrain are you going to be camping in?

  • Think about the type of ground you may be camping on. If you are going to be camping in rocky terrain, you may want to consider a closed-cell foam pad.

Price: $9.94

Weight: 11.2oz

Price: $49.95

Weight: 14.5oz

Price: $189.95

Weight: 12oz

Price: $182-$187

Weight: 6-12oz

Price: $159

Weight: 1lbs 5 oz

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