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Your One-Stop Guide for Camping Near Arches National Park

Utah is a truly stunning part of the country. The state takes my breath away each time I visit. With the slot canyons, massive arch formations, and vast desert Utah has something new around every corner. One of my favorite "corners" of Utah is Arches National Park.

I first visited Arches national park in 2019 and I completed the Utah Mighty Five road trip. Arches was our first stop and we spent 3 days wandering around. Here were my favorite campsites, restaurants, and shops along the way.

This is your guide to camping near Arches national park but also some fun things to do in the city of Moab, Utah.

Ideal Times to Visit Utah


The only non-ideal times to visit Utah are in the dead heat of the summer. If that is the only time to visit, there are ways that you can beat the heat through clothing and the right timing. I've visited Utah in June and August, so travel during high heat is possible.

LEave no trace


In order to preserve public land and sacred places for years to come, please follow the 7 Leave No Trace Principles when hiking and camping. If you need a refresher on what those may be, watch this video or READ here.

Local Emergency Numbers


Universal Emergency Services: 911

Ranger Station: US Forest Service Moab Ranger District Office: (435) 259-7155

Police Department: Moab Police Department: (435) 259-8938

EMS: Grand County Ambulance Services: (435) 259-1301

Hospital: Moab Regional Hospital: (435) 719-3500

Getting to Moab, Utah


Flying into Salt Lake City, Utah

If you fly into SLC to travel to Moab, Utah you will need to rent a car. I recommend you rent a car from the airport; while it can increase the cost of your trip, the convenience of picking up and dropping your car off at the airport is worth it. The trip from the airport to Moab, UT can be completed in 5 hours with a few picnic or scenic stops along the way.

Driving into Moab, Utah

Driving yourself to Moab, UT is worth it if you live close enough. Your budget will determine if you fly or drive. Flights and rental car costs can add up, so you will need to consider which is more costly.

Lodging in SLC


Local SLC Airbnb's

If you happen to fly in or out of SLC, you may want to rest up by staying in an Airbnb in Salt Lake City. Below are only a handful that I have stayed at:


4 guests, 2 beds, 1 bath


7 guests, 4 beds, 1 bath


4 guests, 2 beds, 1 bath


4 guests, 2 beds, 1 bath

Here are other Airbnb's in the area that I looked into, but didn't stay at:

Camping & Lodging


MAp of campsites near moab

Download this map of campsites to use during your planning. Google allows for offline usage of the maps below when downloaded, which is great if you are navigating wild and remote locations.

Tips and tricks for downloading your map offline can be found here!

Check out how I style my hair for camping

Campsites within Arches National Park


Arches National Park is home to one campsite with a total of 51 total campsites available. Located at the very end of the one road that trails through the park, demand is high for this campsite (reasonably, considering it's the one and only place to stay in the park overnight). With reservations required March 1 through October 31 and walk-ins available the rest of the year (November – February) Devil's Garden is open year-round. This campsite has restrooms for guests, but has no showers available. The closest showers are located in town at the locations listed below. While there are no showers, no cell service, and no access to a general store, this campground allows you quick access to many places in the park that would take a typical visitor located outside of the park at least 1.5 hours.

OPEN | All Year
# of SITES | 51
PRICE per NIGHT | $25 for tent sites
WALK-UP'S | YES November THROUGH February
Cell Service | no

Private Campsites near Arches National Park


Sun Outdoors in North Moab, UT is my personal favorite campground in the area due to its excellent amenities like the pool, flush toilets, laundry, cell service, and showers. For the cost, this campsite is well worth the dime! Plus, you are more than close to the Arches National Park entrance.

OPEN SEASON | Year-round
SITES | 51 tent sites, 14 lodges, 124 RV hook-up sites
PRICE | $35-$169/night
Cell Service | yes
Wifi | Yes
LAundry | yes (quarters)
Pool | yes

If you are in the mood for full-on glamping, then Under Canvas is the spot for you. Only 11 minutes from the park, you can sleep in a laundered bed and visit the shared bathhouse. While this experience is in the pricey range, you can share spaces with friends and split the cost.

OPEN SEASON | March 2nd – October 23rd (2023)
Fully Furnished canvas suites
PRICE | $294-$700/night
Cell Service | yes

Public Campsites near Arches National Park


Say what now, there are campsites that are free or low-cost to the public? YEP! Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages public land and offers affordable camping throughout the United States. The further you travel out west, the more expansive and available this type of land is.

While camping of public land is low cost, the price tag comes with responsibility! These sites can be dispersed throughout forest, alongside rivers, and in the open desert. Some are remote and others are right off of a highway, not all sites are similar. The responsibility you own when camping at these locations is to follow all dispersed camping guidelines and Leave No Trace Principles mentioned above.

BLM campsites are first-come-first-serve, so they can be tricky to secure late at night or even mid-day in popular locations like Moab, UT. Always check the amenities offered on the BLM site HERE,

BLM Campgrounds near Arches

[Clickable Links]

Showers in Moab, Utah


If you are staying at the aforementioned BLM camping sites and don't have access to shower facilities, HERE is a blog post created by Discover Moab that details all of the public shower facilities and their pricing!

Restaurants, Shops, and Coffee

Download this map of restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and local trinket shops to use during your planning. Google allows for offline usage of the maps below when downloaded, which is great if you are navigating wild and remote locations.

Tips and tricks for downloading your map offline can be found here!

Come back for more about hiking in Arches National Park!




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