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the Ultimate OUtdoorsy Christmas Wish list

AHHHH! I love Christmas - mostly because I love shopping and gifting people the most perfect gift for them. However, I wanted to collect all of the best gifts to ask for if you are outdoorsy!

Simple Gifts For the Hiker and backpacker | under $30

Recreationalist Hat | $28 | Outdoor Voices

This hat is a perfect addition to your outdoor collection! I love the message behind the hat and the statement for all outdoorsy people! The color is also adorable, but it comes in black if you're not a fan of the burnt orange color.

Use code: DOER-LEA for 20% off of any first-time purchase.

Darn Tough Socks | $19 | Darn Tough

Not only are these the BEST socks for hiking, they are also the least smelly socks for hiking! Darn Tough has a lifetime warranty on their socks, so you can literally have their socks forever! I prefer these mid-quarter crew socks, but they also have full-length socks!

Essential Backpacking Gear

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter | $30 | Sawyer Squeeze

I don't think I will ever use another type of water filter! This water filter is simple to use, affordable, and is great for filtering water for a single person! I like to have chlorine tabs on hand as well, in case my filter malfunctions.

Water Bottles

Nalgene Water Bottle | $15 | Nalgene

Nalgenes are a great gift for anyone, but especially hikers, backpackers, and campers! I love my Nalgene because I can filter water using my Sawyer Squeeze without having to stabilize like I would a water bladder. I also love that the Nalgene has measurements on the side, which is great for when you are boiling water for freeze-dried meals.

Camping Accessories

GSI 20L Water Cube | $10 | GSI

I love this water cube for traveling because it collapses down so that you can fly with it. I also love having water on hand at all times because camp chores kind of suck, so being able to fill my water and do dishes at camp is amazing! This is the best and most affordable piece of gear that every camper needs.

Sea To Summit Spork | $10 | Sea To Summit

This spork is a Godsend for eating backpacking meals. This spork is super lightweight and inexpensive! This spoon is super easy to clean as well.

Gifts for The Boujee camper

I love this little RTIC Soft-Sided cooler for beverages while I am traveling. I am actually gifting this exact cooler to my step-dad.


Clothing additions

Midweight Baselayers | $50 for each piece | REI

These midweight baselayers are perfect for chilly summer evenings in the mountains and chilly fall nights. I used an Arcteryx baselayer, but they weren't flexible and they were low rise, which was not what I prefer. These baselayers are very flexible and high rise. When I am hiking, I never want to peel myself out of these layers!

Teca Half-Zip | $80 | Cotopaxi

I have always been captivated by the colorful jackets made by Cotopaxi. This jacket is lightweight, hooded, and the perfect addition to your backpacking and hiking layers!

Outdoor Voices Set | $150 | Outdoor Voices

I love Outdoor Voices for hiking! Almost all of my hiking leggings are Outdoor Voices and I don't think I'll ever change what I wear! I swear that matching also increases my confidence and makes me more motivated to hike up mountains.

Use code: DOER-LEA for 20% off of any first-time purchase.


Shoes for cozying up in cabins, running, hiking, and everything in between

After spending so much time at home in the past year, I really want these cozy lil thangs on my feet!

Birkenstock Boston Clog | $115 | Birkenstock

These are on my Christmas list this year. I love this style of Birkenstocks because they are versatile. These are the perfect shoes to slip on in winter and fall with a pair of chunky socks!

Women's HOKA x OV Clifton | $150 | Outdoor Voices

I have run so much in the past year that a new pair of shoes is essential this time of year! I am in desperate need of some high-quality running shoes!

Use code: DOER-LEA for 20% off of any first-time purchase.

Blundstone | $200 | Blundstones

I just ordered these in the spring and now own two pairs of this style of this boot! I live in the PNW and they are perfect for rainy days because they are fully waterproof.


Skincare for outdoorsy Peeps

SPF 30 Resting Beach Face | $24 | Everyday Humans

I was gifted this SPF and wasn't expecting anything special from a sunscreen serum. However, I have loved using this every day since I received it in the mail. I love it because it goes on smooth and has hyaluronic acid, which keeps my face hydrated while also being protected against the sun.

I love using this sunscreen when I am hiking because it is so compact and it is Reef Safe. I like using this natural sunscreen when I am hiking because I know if I wash my face off in the creek, toxins aren't leaching into nature around the creek.

Burt's Bees Chapstick | $9.70 | Burt's Bees

Chapstick is so essential when you are hiking, camping, and backpacking! At a higher elevation, my skin gets so dry so quickly! So, this chapstick is always in my hip belt, toiletries bag, and car cupholder! I keep one of these everywhere!


Lea Dawn Hart


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