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Items I Never Leave the Trailhead Without

When I first got into hiking, I thought it was silly that hikers would spend upwards of $20 on a pair of socks and then rave about the socks, but now that I have hiked 10+ mile days I understand why. So, here are the items I never leave the trailhead without and yes, some of them seem silly, but trust me, you will want to bring them!!

1) A Hella Good Pair of Socks!!!

I recommend and LOVE Darn Tough Socks. I have never gotten blisters when I wear them, so they are golden in my book! I like the quarter crew version f the sock because it limits an awkward sock tan line, but any pair will serve you well!!

2) A Water Bladder

I have always been a Nalgene gal, but I have seen the light! Having a water bladder is so convenient when you are hiking. You don't have to make a pit stop to get your water bottle out, you don't have to refill it as often because it can hold more water, and honestly, it is kind of fun to drink out of the nubby!

3) An Elevated Pee Cloth

The Kula Cloth is amazing and makes days hikes much easier! I rarely go #2 on a day hike, so I used to carry toilet paper for my #1 business. When you carry the Kula Cloth, you don't need to worry about packing in toilet paper or packing out toilet paper. I love that it is anti-microbial, reusable, and low-waste!

4) My Outdoor Voices Rec Trek Shorts

I swear these shorts are amazing! The fabric is soft, yet durable. They do give me a wedgie, but I don't chafe when I wear them. Plus, Outdoor Voices JUST dropped new colors and they are adorable!!

DISCOUNT CODE: Use my code DOER-LEA for 20% off your first order of $100 or more in gear!

5) A Spot/Navigation Device

This is a dream purchase of mine, so I haven't been able to use it out on the trail. I hike with a friend who has one and she loves it. I feel a lot safer when we have a way to contact someone from the middle of the woods and when we have access to a map no matter how deep in the woods we are!


These are just a few of the several items that I bring with me each time I go on a hike!!

Thanks for reading,

Lea D. Hart


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