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2019 resolutions

Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye!

Hello 2019! I am relieved that 2018 is in the books. Last year was hard. I moved to a totally new place twice. I thought my college career was coming to a screeching halt. I had to remake friends and be intentional in holding onto those old, treasured friends.

2019 is for healing, redefining, and becoming. 2019 is for remaking, letting go, and for walking in faith. 2019 is for fighting, vision, and daring.


Word of 2019 |

DARING | adventurous or audaciously bold.

2019 is a year for living outside of my shell.

Challenge the rules. Challenge myself. Challenging, then redefining.

Redefining the past. Redefining self. Redefining, then becoming.

Becoming human. Becoming momentum, movement, unstoppable. Becoming, then feeling.

Feeling the hurt. Healing the hurt. Feeling, then healing. Feeling, then being.

Being. Being me.

Moments of 2019 |

IMPROMPTU DANCES | movement without a care of what it looks like, with only one intention–to feel something.

LETTING OTHERS KNOW THEY ARE HEARD | listening has a healing property. people heal the moment that they start to feel heard. I pledge to stay in the hard conversations, ask questions, and listen. I pledge to affirm and uplift.

Intentions of 2019 |

LESS | less buying. more intention. less of my voice, more of others. less phone, more world. less busy, more presence. less feeling guilty and ashamed, more standing up for me. less "I don't know", more "...".

BALANCE | work, life, and school. eight hours of school/work. eight hours of social, meals, fitness, and living. eight hours of sleep. balance in my diet. balance in my relationships.

BEAUTY| more seeking beauty. not my own or others, but Gods. more admiration for creation.


Goals and Resolutions of 2019 |

BUDGET | my spreadsheets are prepped and ready for numbers. this spring I am living off-campus, so I will have to be strict with a budget. this will take patience, time set aside, and diligence.

HONOR MY WORD | using my voice in direction of truth and love.

EXPRESSING MY CREATIVE ENERGY | take photos, write poetry, dance, color, paint. more creative motion.

READ ONE BOOK A MONTH (NON-REQUIRED) | reading for school is amazing, but I need to take time out of the day to unwind with a book. I have a bookshelf ready to be raided!

RUN AND MOVE | when I find time on my day to exercise or move my body, it changes my day. I aim to stay consistent with this goal in 2019.

HUSTLE | this is a year of waking up at 6:30, working out, eating healthy.

PAY OFF ONE OF MY STUDENT LOANS | I will be making at least one $100 payment each month. I will increase that amount based on savings. (low-key really excited about this one )!!

PREPARE FOR EACH CLASS | I will be ready for each class. I will not let myself be shaken by the things that I can control. and that is how prepared I am.

7 DAY SOCIAL MEDIA CLEANSE A MONTH | in order to preserve my sanity. I will step back from social media for seven days each month and re-focus. this time will be for rest and journal .


I want to know one of your goals for the new year! Comment down below!



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