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COVID protocols

What COVID protocols do you currently take and what is required of trip members?

Currently, I am requesting that trip members are vaccinated. I do take your word and do not require you to prove you're vaccinated. 

If you are not vaccinated, Not a big deal! However, I ask that you get tested 2-3 days prior to flying and joining all trip members. 

I ask that you respect the rules and state mandates of the areas that we travel to, including wearing a mask. 

Because safety is a concern of mine, vaccinations and testing prior to joining the trip is the best way to limit the spread of COVID within our group. We will be together for several days, therefore I will not require masks when we are in our group, regardless of social distancing. You are obligated to sign a waiver that states I am not responsible for your personal health and that you are assuming the risk for yourself. 

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