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Follow me on my wild adventure in the PNW. I am a gal getting my doctorate in clinical psychology while simultaneously inspiring and educating women to get outside with confidence. I decided to lead trips for women as a way to actively live my mission to cultivate a safe space for curious and eager beginners to grow in their knowledge of backpacking, hiking, and camping. Accessing nature shouldn't be limited to the far and few between who spend hours researching and thousands of dollars of gear.

the gal
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 I wanted to make a safe space for beginners to learn as they go and make friends they could travel with in the future. For me, it's not about earning money, but empowering women to travel confidently. People always ask me what being on a trip with me is like and I explain that it really is a bunch of women who met on the internet with a common interest that quickly become close friends. We share a lot of laughs, cries, frustrations, and memorable moments together in beautiful parts of the country. This part of my "job" is such a honor and privilege.


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