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leadawnhart x themandagies

total trip cost | $550 
total trip deposit | $138

dates | April 30th - May 4th 2023


Meet Your Hosts


Lea Dawn Hart

Lea Dawn Hart has a soft spot for travel and the path less traveled. She resides in the PNW while attending school for her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Experiencing windswept Hurricane Pass in the Grand Tetons has been a  highlight, but Lea’s love for camping, hiking, and backpacking have led her to explore 16 U.S. national parks. She hosts trips that make camping and exploration a safe space for women and beginners. In her free time, she can be found seeking adventures and grabbing coffee at local shops!

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Emily-Mandagie-Portrait (1).jpg

Emily Mandagie

Emily Mandagie is the travel writer half Together, they help thousands of people daily plan incredible trips to the PNW. Emily is passionate about outdoor education and equity, striving to create a space where all can feel prepared and excited to get outside. She values one-on-one connections and being a tour guide for first-time PNW explorers. When she's not traveling, you can find her in her flower and vegetable garden or doing a puzzle at the dining room table!

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Berty Mandagie

Berty Mandagie is the photography half of With over 10 years of experience, Berty has nearly perfected his photo editing craft of making digital images look like they came from a film camera! He is passionate about seeing people reach their full potential. Berty is constantly hyping up his community, and his positive attitude is infectious. When he's not traveling, you can find him trying a new restaurant or admiring his shoe collection!

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your coastal Itinerary


1 | Check into your yurt


2 | gather around the fire


3 | Get to know the crew

day one


1 | group breakfast


2 | iconic waterfall views

3 | dune exploration and tide pooling


4 | group dinner

day two


1 | group breakfast

2 | ocean overlook

3 | Fish and chips

4 | Group dinner

day three


1 | group breakfast


2 | moody morning hike


3 | farewell dinner

day four


1 | Group farewell Breakfast


2 | Check out

day five

This 5 day, 4 night trip is created for beginner hikers and campers ready to immerse themselves in the Pacific Northwest, stay in cozy yurts, and make lifelong friends! Emily, Berty, and Lea will lead you on iconic coastal hikes. Pack your bags to enjoy spontaneous stops along Pacific Highway 101, beach bonfires, laughing with new friends, and the trip of a lifetime.

Disclosure: This is not a photography workshop, however you are free to bring your camera and ask informal questions throughout the trip. You will not receive formal photography instruction.

Full itinerary will be provided at sign-up. Please review the rough day-by-day itinerary above and on Instagram.

TRIP DISCLAIMER: During this adventure, you will be exposed to the challenges and beauty of the outdoors. You should be able to withstand exposure to various conditions, like elevation gain up to 1,100 FT, direct sun exposure, mud, rain, and wind. You should have a good read on your ability and be able to self-monitor your health. You will need a moderate level of fitness to have the ability to complete all stages of this hiking and camping. Guides are equipped to ensure a safe trip but will expect self-efficiency to ensure a memorable experience.

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