my top 5 organization tips

I received a comment on my last post to post more about college adventures and since the semester in a few weeks shy of starting I am going to share a few organizational tips. These five things keep my life together during the semester and they can help you too!

I think these tips transcend college and can apply to high school, any workin' women out there, or anyone looking to feel like they have a better grip on life!

Here are my top five organizational tips!

1) outlook calendar/personal calendar

Whether you schedule endless lunches or meeting after meeting, Outlook is the best! We use Outlook for sending e-mails, so it is uber convenient to have all of my things in one place. With Outlook you can email a meeting time and date to a person, then if they accept it appears on both of your calendars. I schedule everything here; my classes, work, meetings, coffee dates, one-on-ones, and even my homework time. This helps me see exactly where my time goes.

This is what the platform looks like. I prefer to color-coordinate mine, so that it doesn't all run together, but that is preference. You can view four different ways also; day, work week, week, or month. I know months can look stressful, so I like viewing days or work weeks.

I also made a Google Doc calendar for this year! I am going to print this calendar out so that my roommate can see where I am! I love allowing my roommate to see my schedule or carrying it with me, so that I can schedule coffee dates without conflict! This schedule also goes by 30 minute increments, so I can schedule when I go to lunch or when I am going to squeeze in study breaks!! I love being able to see where my time goes and have a record of what I did and when (I'm weird like that lol).

2) accountability partner

Tell the people you are surrounded by your goals for the week or what you absolutely have to get done! You will not regret this. One time a friend told me she had to write this paper by the end of the night, but she was being distracted by her phone. I asked to see her phone and I put it beside me, so that she wouldn't be distracted by it until she finished her paper.

When we sit in a study session, I like to tell someone what I have to get done and throughout the time, they will check in with me to see how much progress I am making.

My roommate was the biggest help! She constantly checked-in to make sure that I had my papers printed or my readings done. The great thing about this is that it makes things harder to procrastinate!

3) three early mornings

I know, scratch that. This one is hard as a student, but it has to happen for me. As a student that takes 18 credit hours, runs a ministry that is just taking off, and does a million other things, there is no other way to get through the week if this doesn't happen. Three days of the week I do an early morning workout, so I am up 2 hours before usual. This helps me attack the day. I get to enjoy my coffee and squeeze in an hour of homework or reading.

4) master syllabus

This saved my butt so many times! This master syllabus compiled all of the syllabi that I received for classes and it had all assignments and deadlines in it. I used this to determine what I prioritized in my week and it helped me realize what I needed to get a head start on that week. This was essentially my planner for the school year, beside all of my weekly/daily to-do lists and Outlook calendar.

I seriously wish I would have done this in high school because paper planners just don't work well for me sometimes. It is a huge commitment and I feel horrible when I miss a week!

5) 24 hour rule

I strive to follow this rule with every assignment that I get in school. I aim to finish every paper or assignment at least 24 hours before it is due. In those 24 hours before I turn in that assignment I go on a walk or run and during that exercise I think about that paper or written assignment and I just let al the ideas flow. I use the "yes, and.." mentality when thinking of ideas that add or stretch my assignment, which means that I take an idea that pops up and accept it and expand on it. This reflection time helps me make sure that my paper is well-rounded and the best that it can be. Ever since using this rule, I have felt more confident turning in papers and have seen amazing feedback.

This rule also ensures that the assignment is done and then gives me a 24 hour window to expand my ideas, correct any errors, and review the rubric a couple more times. I know a lot of students finish it right before it is due, but I truly believe in relating every assignment to your life.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my organization tips! Comment below if you are trying any of these ideas and comment your favorite organization tip!!

Thank you for reading my first college edition blog post of 2018 school year!



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