long and lovely

As you have noticed, my presence has been lacking on Seeking Simplicity. I have been pulled several ways this past spring semester and the beginning of my summer, but I am back and feeling inspired.

During my time away, I have been seeking simplicity. I have been intentionally dialing down on my additions to my wardrobe. Being conscious of what I am eating. Getting in tune with my body. Routinely getting outside or in the gym to exercise. Spending time in the Word. God has been planting a ministry in my heart. This long and lovely time away has been needed.

The quiet isn't always a bad thing. A piece of wisdom that I stumbled upon was that there is so much content being poured into the world and we live in a world where we value maximizing, but my goal for this blog isn't to pile loads of poorly written posts. During my long and lovely break I have taken the time to refine myself, so that I can put a better foot forward. I hope my refined self is a reflection of hope and positivity that invades this space.

I feel like change is often a theme on my blog, but that is what I have felt the most of in the past year. This is not a change or moving of seasons, but a season of change. I am embracing the change and learning to flow with the current, instead of crashing into myself. The Lord is teaching me something so powerful in this season. I hope to share what this year has looked like in the next blog post.

P.S. I have not abandoned blogging, but have taken a break. Stay tuned for more posts!



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