Everlane edition: ethical fashion and my picks

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Per my posts ethical fashion, I love buying ethically made clothing and support the push to think environmentally while still dressing cute.

This post is all about Everlane, which is a brand that I found out about three years ago and have purchased a few pieces of their clothing. They have been at the forefront of ethical, sustainable, and fashionable clothing in the industry. I will continue to support and applaud them for what they are doing.

First, I thought it would be fun to answer a couple of questions about my style and how I shop!


1). How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as minimalist, tom-boyish, and Parisian with accents of bold colors. Personally, I always make sure I am comfortable and wearing what is practical for the occasion.

2). What is your current favorite piece of clothing?

I currently have a yellow top that I am obsessed with. I thrifted it locally and I have worn it at least six time in the last two weeks since purchasing it!

3). What is the one thing that you look at first in stores or online?

I always look at sweaters and tees. I love a basic pair of high-waisted jeans with a fun top or a basic tee. In my capsule closet I have like 25 tops, 2 jeans, 1 dress, and 2 shoes. I don't enjoy shopping for jeans, so I get to have more freedom and fun with tops!

4). What is one tip that you would give to shoppers?

My one tip would be to NOT sacrifice quality for quantity. I think that is why I have so few jeans because jeans are my one investment. I try my best to avoid fast fashion stores like Forever 21, Zara, or H&M because I know that they are cheaply made and that they will not last me.

5). Last question, how do you shop for quality pieces that are made ethically on a college student budget?

This is not easy! I go out of my way and spend a little extra time on shopping to save my $$. Shopping at stores like Everlane or Universal Standard (size inclusive) is not cheap, but that is because paying a worker fair and livable wages and making sure that they are in a safe working environment is NOT cheap. I am willing to work a little harder and spend a little more to ensure that the humans making my clothing are treated like humans.

My tricks are to look for the same brand, but secondhand. I found multiple, really CUTE items from Everlane on Poshmark. Buying secondhand lengthens an items life and prevents it from being thrown away, so anytime I can buy what I like secondhand I do!

If you can not find the item that you want secondhand, then I go to the store online. Everlane has a "Choose What You Pay" section on thier website twice a year until the inventory is sold. I browse this section to find styles that I like at a price that I can afford to pay.


Okay, so, on to the Everlane products that I have purchased or have my eye on!


| Everlane Products that I have Purchased |

The Splitneck Jean Dress

I purchased this dress in March of this year and I love it. This is not only versatile, but it is sturdy. I owned a cheap jean dress in highschool and the material was so thin that it wrinkled each time I sat down. The Splitneck Jean Dress holds its own when it comes to wrinkles. Unless I am sitting for hours on end, this dress looks like I just took it off the hanger when 5pm rolls around.

The Splitneck Jean Dress | $30 | $38 | $45

How I Style The Splitneck Jean Dress -

1). chunky cardigan, black tights, brown booties

2). floral scarf, light blue wrap around sandals

3). sneakers

4). black and white striped turtle neck, black tights, brown booties

What I Love about The Splitneck Jean Dress -

1). the versatility. I can style it for year round wear.

2). the quality. The material is thick and does not wrinkle easily

3). work appropriate. This dress is long enough to wear for work and casual.

4). it has pockets!

Details on The Splitneck Jean Dress -

My Normal Size -

shirt: S/M

pant: 4/6/8

I Ordered a -

size: 4


The size 4 is very relaxed on me and I could have sized down, but I enjoy the fit.

The Modern Boyfriend Jean

I just purchased these two weeks ago and am giving them their first run at a conference I am attending. I ordered a 27 and when I tried them on they were more snug than I would have preferred, but after wearing them around for a few hours in my house, they gave a little. I am hoping that they will fit perfectly after a full day of wear.

The Modern Boyfriend Jean | $34 | $41 | $48

How I Style The Modern Boyfriend Jean -

1). white tee, baseball hat, tennis shoes

2). chunky sweater, statement socks, with brown or black booties

3). button down, cardigan, loafers

4). turtle neck, long necklace, statement heels

What I Love about The Modern Boyfriend Jean -

1). the versatility. I can style it for year round wear to work or casual.

2). the quality. The material is actual jean material, not a jegging material.

3). work appropriate. These are straight black and not washed, which works great for a more professional look.

4). no gap in the back.

5). fits through the thigh and at the waist. This is so hard to find in jeans, especially when you are slim thick.

Details on The Modern Boyfriend Jean -

My Normal Size -

pant: 27/28/29 or 4/6/8

I Ordered a -

size: 27


The size 27 is tighter than I was hoping, but with wear will form to my body. The leg is straight, which I like for variation from just skinny jeans. It is also a cropped fit, which works amazing for my height.

The Japanese GoWeave Zip Tee Dress

I actually found this piece on Poshmark, which I was so excited about because the Japanese GoWeave material can be expensive on the Everlane site, but it is a classy material. I love the length of the dress and how professional and casual it can be!

The Japanese GoWeave Zip Tee Dress | $66 | $77 | $88

How I Style The Japanese GoWeave Zip Tee Dress -

1). tight tee or long sleeve shirt underneath for a more casual look, sandals or sneaks

2). chunky cardigan, black tights, with brown or black booties

3). throw a sweater over, socks, loafers

4). dress with heeled sandals

What I Love about The Japanese GoWeave Zip Tee Dress -

1). the versatility. I can style it for year round wear to work or casual.

2). the quality. The material is actual wrinkle resistant if you wash it properly.

3). work appropriate. the length is longer on me than it is on the model

4). classy

5). has a baggy look, which I really like

Details on The Japanese GoWeave Zip Tee Dress -

My Normal Size -

dress: S or M and 4/6/8

I Ordered a-

size: 6


The size 6 is the perfect length (just an inch above the knee) and the perfect baggy in all the right spots. The dress that I have is sleeve less.


| Everlane Products that I have my Eyes On |

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