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Products that make road tripping 10x easier

I am coming up on my third, fourth, and fifth road trip. I know that may not sound like a ton of road tripping experience, but when you road trip for two to three weeks at a time, you quickly figure out what works and what simply does not work. So, I began compiling products that worked for me when I am on a road trip.

You are seriously going to want these products in your life!

GSI Water Cube

Price: $9.95

This water cubed not only saved my booty when my car overheated in the middle of nowhere on a mountain, but it also ensured that Aaren (my road trip pal) and I stayed hydrated. The cube limited our trips to the water spigot before dinner and made washing dishes so much easier!

Smart Kup

Price: $14.95

My Nalgene doesn't fit in my cup holder anymore because I just purchased a Subaru and this invention SAVED my hydration game. This nifty invention fits into regular-sized cupholders and essentially expands the size of the water bottle base you are able to fit into your cupholder. No more squeezing your water bottle between your legs!

Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler


This little dude is pricey, but SOO worth it when you are road tripping. One major way to save money while on a road trip is to buy your own food and make food as you go. This cooler will save you loads of money on ice and it can prevent your food from spoiling. Another perk of the YETI cooler is that you can add bear locks ($16.95 - linked below) to the side of the cooler and your cooler automatically becomes bear-proof!

Lightweight Nalgene

Price: $8.99

I love this water bottle because it is so much lighter than the traditional Nalgene. The bottle is made from softer plastic and makes backpacking easier/lighters. We love a multipurpose product, amiright?

Phone Car Mount

Price: $14.99

When you are road tripping, most likely you are using a GPS or jamming music! I was tired of trying to see my phone and drive and navigate a tricky interstate exit, so now I can view my phone with ease because it's right in front of my eyes!

Coleman Two-Burner Propane Stove

Price: $43.88

This is the best way to cook on any road trip!!! I have loved having this with me. You can just not get the same level of quality with a backpacking stove. I am so glad I bought this stove!


I promise that these products will make road tripping much easier!


Lea Dawn Hart


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