nine little updates

Hello! Wow, it has been a long time since I have sat down and typed a post.

I have written that sentence too many times on my blog and it does sadden me that I do not make the time to invest in posting more often. I want to work harder and be better at bulk writing quality content for you.

Here is a little update for you:

1) I finished my fourth semester of college about three weeks ago. It was a stressful (what is new) semester, but I learned so many valuable lessons and ended up with great grades. This past semester I focused on the ministry that I co-founded, school work, and my health (mental and physical).

2) I mentored a lovely group off transfers and first-year students. We walked through Bob Goffs books and learned how to love everyone always and the power of God's love. We learned so much about each other and super grew close throughout the semester.

2) I lived off-campus all semester, which made some things hard, but was so restful and positive in the long run. I had the most beautiful, kind, and generous host family!

3) I co-directed a play that we had three weeks to plan and organize! It was crazy, but we managed to pull it off (almost) seamlessly. Our Integrated Humanities grew closer than ever while attempting to pull off a Shakespearian play with that small timeframe.

4) I applied for Praxis Academy Week and got accepted on a full scholarship. Praxis is focused on supporting redemptive entrepreneurs. The week will be filled with immersive learning through keynote speakers, break out sessions, and roundtables. It is hosted in Los Angeles, which is super exciting because a) I get to visit a new place (whoop new years goal), b) this will be my first time on a plane, and c) it is at Biola University, which is a graduate school that I am looking into. Super excited and thankful for this opportunity.

5) I got my haircut. This was the shortest I have ever gone and I loved it so much!

5) I took a spring break trip to Dallas, TX with a close friend. We ate at so many yummy places. I met up with a sweet friend from high school that I hadn't seen in a year and half.

6) It snowed in Arkansas and my mid-western heart was so content! Obviously, I had to get proof!

7) I also made so many new friends and cherished old friends. Which is golden, right?

8) My family and I celebrated Howie's (my brother) and Lauren's (my best friends little sister) high school graduation. So proud!

9) We got a new puppy. Her name is Hazel and she is a Blue Heeler/Tennessee Walker mix. She is so sassy and spunky. oh, and adorable.

There you have it! My 9 little updates!

Stay tuned for more posts coming your way!



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