college catch-up

What a lovely little whirlwind these first 2 weeks of school have been!

These past weeks have consisted of: moving into my first dorm that I will occupy for more than a couple months, leading the mixture of first-time JBU students through orientation, launching the ministry that is my baby, the start of my classes (18 hours, whoot), work-study, cafeteria food, and many adventures along the way.

This is a photo journal of these past two weeks!

This is my first batch of kombucha that my suite mate and I are brewing! It tastes amazing and it is so much more convenient than having to buy it!

This is a photo of the walking trail that loops around campus! It is so beautiful in all seasons. I cannot wait until it is cool enough to start running outside again!

This is the tree that we found on the exit to go to John Brown University. It is shaped like a heart and really turned my day around.

This is my first day of school picture! (there is a photo later of how I actually felt after a full day of classes)..

Every semester our school puts on this event called Late Skate and this semesters theme was middle I just leave this here.

This is Tethereds (the womens ministry that I started on campus) booth set up for people to come and get info about us! It was so cute!

We decided to go hiking on Labor Day and the trail, well lack-thereof was so pretty!

Pictured is the useless map!

Me and my o-partner in crime! We killed it.

Me, later in the first day of school.

Pure Joy ice cream. Best local ice cream shop (every thing is natural, whatttt??).

The incoming student and o-leaders during our local service project.


This year is going to end with a bang! I already know it. This year I have stretched myself to new limits. I transferred, I started a ministry, I am a mentor for incoming students,. This year has been a major growth spurt.

Next week on the blog: What I eat in a week (vegan + college)!!

I am so excited for this one because I know my readers are curious about what and how I eat in the cafeteria as a vegan and am still satisfied!



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