Stop the V-Day Hate'n | Last Minute Style Guide

In honor of Valentines day I thought I would ask my most stylish and trendy friend (who happens to own her own clothing boutique) to make a style guide. This momma is amazingly kind and passionate in every endeavor! She started her own clothing business not long ago and has seen so much success!

She has selected three outfits, one for every girl! We hope that this style guide can make tonight more special, whether your kickin' it with your gals or you have a table for two reserved!



I hate it when people say that Valentine’s Day is a “hallmark holiday”. I feel like the people who make that statement are mad about love...or maybe the lack thereof. Valentine’s Day is only a made up holiday if you let it be. We live in a broken world with enough pain and heartache, why not take every chance we are given to celebrate having love in our lives?

So, I give you permission to celebrate Valentine’s Day to the fullest! Go about it, gush about it, yell it from the rooftops that you are in love. But, look good doing it ; )

Here’s some outfit inspiration for ya should you have a hot date this Valentine’s Day (from Gold&Gray)

A shag jacket brings the swag and is always a show stopper. Your date will definitely want to cuddle you.

This black, suede romper shows just enough leg...but not too much. Over the knee boots take this romper up a knotch.

Casual, off the shoulder and low back =’s I’m not trying too hard but am totally sexy. And some jeans that show your booty off .. go for it girl!

Are you inspired? See an item you cannot live without!? Head over to her website : or follow her on instagram @gld_gry.

Comment down below to give her some love! This sweet friend is awesome!

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