2018 resolutions

At the beginning of every year I feel almost sick to my stomach with anticipation, nerves, and excitement. This year, I felt none of that. 2017 held some of the best moments in life so far. Perhaps I didn't feel nervous leaving 2017 behind because I knew 2018 was a new beginning with even greater moments to be made.

If you have been reading my blog for quite a while, you know that my resolutions have always been a checklist. Something that I can do and then checkoff, but this year I want to cultivate feelings more than a checklist. I want to truly live better by living, not by making my checklist longer.

Of course, there are some 'bucket-list-esque' resolutions this year, but most of this years resolutions are to help live more simple and healthy.


So, every year I have a couple words and phrases that I want my 2018 to embody.

Words/Phrases of the year:

-Nurture- care for and encourage the growth and development of.

-Embrace- act of accepting or supporting something willingly or enthusiastically.

Wide Open Spaces- Who has never struck out? Room to make a big mistake. New faces. Just like the Dixie Chicks, we all need wide open spaces to grow and learn lessons.

I am starting a new habit this year. It is called "moments of the year." These are moments that I want to experience more in 2018.

Moments of the year:

-Big belly laughs

I want to have those moments of pure happiness. Laughing so hard you are in tears. I want to seek the friendship that cultivates true happiness. I didn't have enough of these moments in 2017.

-Soul and Kitchen Floor conversations

I love deep conversations. Those conversations that aren't easy, but the person your sharing with gets it, so it doesn't feel like a burden. Those dreamer conversations over coffee. Those spontaneous text messages saying "you are brave, you got this." More of that in 2018!


I am NOT a hugger, but I want to be. I want to be that "I'm coming in (for a hug)" person. I will get there.

-Grocery Store/Hallway/Coffee Shop Impromptu Dances

@iamhertribe on Instagram has really been an inspiration to me. She calls her resolutions 'intentions'. One of her intentions for 2018 is movement. This morning she posted a beautiful, seemingly poetic post.

"movement without a care of what it looks like, with only one intention–to feel something." Ahh, I love it! Seriously, go follow her!


Health Resolutions:

Nurture my body.

-Eating vegan

-I really believe cutting out meat in 2017 did a lot of good for my health, so I will continue this in 2018.


-Running is something I have learned to enjoy in the later half of 2017 and something I intend to stick with in 2018.

-Stretching well.

-Drinking lots of water

-Drinking water is a natural way of ensuring that your body is well taken care of and cleansed.

-Taking your vitamin after you eat lunch

-Some nutrients can be missed out on when eating vegan and since health is my top priority I will take a vitamin to make sure that those nutrients are not skipped out on.

-Cleansing your skin and self pampering

-Cleaning and caring for your skin is a very good habit to pick up while in college. The habits that we form now are ones that will stick with us throughout our life.

-Wear clothes that make you feel confident! -Dont waste your life wearing clothes that are drab and don't make you feel fabulous!

Faith Resolutions:

Nurture my faith.

-Read scripture everyday and journal.

-A verse a day or a book a day. Either way, I want to make sure that I stay grounded in my faith by reading scripture everyday.

-Pray everyday. -As well as reading the scripture, it is important that I begin praying everyday. Prayer is how you begin to grow your relationship with God. Even though He knows everything about you, you can never know enough about Him.

-Practice gratitude.

Life Resolutions:

Nurture my soul.

-Listen to more music. -Listen to more music, bad or good.

-Be around fun people. -Don't waste your life around toxic people.

-Be fearless!!!

-You are starting so many new things and you should go into this year with no fear. You are amazing. HE WILL PROVIDE!

'Bucket-list-esque' Resolutions:

-Run a 10k.

-Do something that scares you every month!

-Be fearless!

-Travel 3 NEW places.

-Who knows where God will take me this year? Philly? California?

-Do one thing alone each week.

-I need to work on my independence!

-Learn something new!

- Learn something crazy, new, fun, weird, but just learn!

-Listen. -Be quiet and still long enough to allow another person to be heard!

-Start a ministry.

-Be on the lookout.

-Budget better!

-Start a YouTube?

This is a new beginning! Remember, life doesn't wait. Be fearless.

If you made it to the end of my borderline excel spreadsheet 2018 resolutions post, then leave a comment. Let me know what one of your resolutions are! Is this year a year of new beginnings for you?

Thank you for reading!

and always,

Seek Simplicity,

Lea Hart.

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