2017 end of year

Hello friends!

We have reached the end of a year. This year has been filled with many ups and many downs. Every year I make it a point to challenge myself with resolutions. For many people this act is loosely held, but for me this word means commitment and challenge.

If you want to start a resolution, but have trouble sticking to your guns, then get an accountability partner. These partners make a world of difference! Seriously, Paige Sagach, THANK YOU SO MUCH!


I planned and was a part of INSPIre.

I feel so full knowing that 2017 contained these brave moments of vulnerability and these deep

moments with God.

I graduated high school, which seems so crazy!

I went to college and met amazing people.

I joined a sorority.

I went vegan.

I began running again.

I fell in love with my body.

I drank a lot of coffee.

I fell in love with God.

I travelled to beautiful states.

I photographed amazing people.

I took risks.

I started investing time into photography.

I made some big decisions in 2017 and have a lot of exciting things planned for 2018. I can't wait to share!!


These were my 2017 resolutions. These resolutions are based off of my Half-Year Resolutions post.

Here is a list of all of the promises I made at the beginning of 2017:

1. Hike the PCT.^

2. Stay off social media.^

3. Write 2 blog posts every week for each blog."

4. Write in my journal daily because every little amount counts.*

5. Get healthy.*

6. Use my planner.*

7. Use my mantra when I get stressed."

8. Learn to swing dance."

9. Start waking up on time.^

10. Learn to listen.*

11. Be present, happy, and thankful.*

12. Learn how to open up.*

13. Become closer with the people I love.*

14. Budget money.*

15. Live with intention.*

16. Read my Bible and continue my walk with God.*

17. Travel to 3 NEW destinations.*

There are some of those resolutions that have changed, some that have been fulfilled, and some that are unrealistic.


4. Write in my journal daily because every little amount counts.

Whether I am brainstorming about my next post, releasing steam from a rough day, or making up poems, I have successfully written in my journal everyday. I try to finish a planning journal, bible journal, and a personal journal in a year. Last year I remember kicking myself trying to finish a personal journal in the last two months. This year, as I was brainstorming my 2018 resolutions, I filled up that journal and I have a cute new journal waiting to be written in!

5. Get healthy.

This promise has been the hardest for me because my personal journey with health has been rocky, but this year I have made some serious changes that have helped me grow. I have started running again, which I have grown to enjoy. In the beginning of the year I was so glad to just be eating again that I swear I ate everything that sounded good to me. Now, I eat a vegan diet, which is a fun kind of challenging. I love being able to cook new meals!

6. Use my planner.

I started the year off really strong and by the end of March I felt like the planner I was using wasn't conducive. At that point I didn't really know how I wanted to organize my school work, work schedule, events, club meetings, and my personal schedule. I was using a regular notebook and writing a basic to-do list, which worked, but I knew it wasn't going to be permanent. Then at the beginning of May I picked up bullet journaling, which I am still dancing with, but it was what I was looking for. I can be creative and I have a lot of space to fit in all that I need to schedule.

I am going to continue creating my own fun way of keeping things organized.

For family events, school events, and important dates: iCal.

For my to-do lists and keeping track of school work: Bullet Journal

For blog posts and instagram posts: TeamUp

10. Learn to listen.

This is a task that takes A LOT of patience and practice. I am someone who doesn't get to talk to people a lot about my life, so when I am one on one with someone it becomes really hard for me to stay quiet. I often need to tell the person that I am getting coffee with or talking one-on-one with that I need to listen more, that way I can stay accountable.

This is a resolution I am making again in 2018.

11. Be present and thankful.

Being present is a struggle most everyone has, but it becomes increasingly easy when you do not have social media. Being thankful is something that my generation isn't known for and I do my very best to express my thanks vocally, but most of the times I get too nervous. I know that sounds ridiculous to be nervous about thanking someone, but it happens. Most of the time I prefer to write notes.

12. Learn how to open up.

Opening up to someone is a very vulnerable act. It shows that you trust them enough with your feelings. Opening up is hard for me to do. I come from a background where opening up isn't common. Training myself to be any different is hard to do. I think I made tremendous headway by speaking at INSPIre, an all girl event that provides a place to find hope and God.

Also, this is a resolution I am making again in 2018.

13. Become closer with the people I love.

This resolution is also very hard to do in real life today. Most relationships are maintained with daily texts, snapchats, comments on Instagram, and tweets. This year I began to repair a relationship and when it didn't work I was really hurt. I can't replace that important relationship in my life, I can only work towards a way to repair the brokenness. On another front, I developed two really good friendships. I also maintained two very strong friendships.

14. Budget money.

I stink at this task. But I have made headway with learning to save and knowing what is important to buy. This doesn't mean I don't struggle with everyday temptations!

I am definitely adding this to 2018 resolutions.

15. Live with intention.

"We won't be distracted by comparison if we are captivated with purpose" -Bob Goff. Intention is a word that recently took over. Are you being intentional? Is your work intentional? Intention is important, but I like to think of it as purpose instead. Are you living with a purpose?

16. Read my Bible and continue my walk with God.

This promise can get easily pushed to the side and replaced with other more "important" things. But I cannot tell you enough how important it is to have that quiet time with God everyday. This time stands apart from your church bible studies, your weekly sermons, and even your small group studies. This is a time that needs to be completely between you and God. I have loved getting to study Ruth, Hosea, Job, and parts of Psalms without a group. It kindles that relationship with God and keeps you sane.

I am excited to learn what 2018 has in store for me!

17. Travel to 3 NEW destinations.

I travelled to San Marcos, Texas, Flagstaff, Arizona, and Siloam Springs, Arkansas. On my way to all of these destinations I drove through amazing towns, some of which I had never been.


1. Hike the PCT.

This resolution was exciting and I still really want to hike the trail. but this summer was crazy and packed.

I think this is something I will definitely do next year.

2. Stay off social media.

I have had many mixed feeling about this topic since the beginning of this year, which is why I just decided to stay off until I had it all figured out in my head. I finally decided that I wanted to be on Instagram after going to college for a few weeks. I really enjoy seeing pictures of my friends. I do feel overwhelmed by the urgency of social media, which is why, on occasion, that I will take months off.

9. Start waking up on time.

This happened most of the time. I have really discovered that resting well can make all the difference. I have begin to arrive early and wake up on time and not rush through my routine.


3. Write 2 blog posts every week for each blog.

This is another goal that is going to transfer into 2018. I have decided that I am going to post every Monday!

8. Learn to swing dance.

Swing dancing is fun when I have friends who love dancing with me, but swing dancing is something you cannot do alone. In the future I am going to learn yoga instead!


I challenge each of you, as you read this, to evaluate your yearly goals. What didn't worked? What did you find yourself loving? What did you struggle with?

Having goals is a very important part of being successful and a fun way to challenge yourself.

Comment one of the resolutions that you kept in 2017!

Seek Simplicity,

Lea Hart.

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