10 college things

I started my freshman year of college about seven weeks ago, here is what I know so far.

1) The first day of class is the only time you will show up 10 minutes before class begins.

All other times you will slide into your seat with 5 minutes to spare.

2) You will take naps.

A lot has changed in your schedule. You are going to school less, but your are studying more. You also have all of these awesome new friends who want to hang out. Your RA will also stress that you regularly eat, shower, exercise, clean your dorm, socialize, and sleep. OOO and if you are ambitious, you also have to work. So, needless to say, you will want to take a nap or two in between all that.

3) Your roommate should not be your bestie.

Yes, you would think your roommate should be like your sister, but no. Don't make the mistake of clinging to each other during the first few weeks of school because you will find it really hard to make friends. Yes, eat together if your are all alone, but try to get out there and be vulnerable.

4) Join clubs.

Join a youth group, an intramural sport, a fraternity/sorority, SGA, or book club. Find a group that interests you and try it out. Clubs are open to new people joining, so don't worry about them not liking you.

5) You will want to skip class.

Every Tuesday and Thursday I have an 8:30 class. I have never been one to fake sick or neglect going to class, but I have seriously considered it a few times. I beg of you not to do it. If you skip once you are more likely to skip again. Don't skip, you are paying for this.

6) Get off campus.

You are here for the next 3, 4, or 5 years and you shouldn't spend it all on campus. I go to coffee shops to study because that gets me off campus and into the town I'm living in. It helps to be surrounded by people that aren't college kids.

7) Dress however you want.

People will tell you to bring athletic clothes or only clothes that are comfortable or bring only nice clothes, that way you dress nice all the time. I am telling you people walk around in sweats, people walk around in heels, people wear ALL the makeup, and people wear none. No one seems to care what other people are wearing, so dress however you please.

8) Write everything down. Read everything twice.

No matter if you think you are going to remember it or not, write it down because it will never hurt. The only thing that will suffer is your grade. Read the emails your professors send you twice and don't be afraid to email them back if you have a question. No one likes to show up to an empty class because you forgot class was cancelled.

9) Study.

Like I said before, you are paying to be in college, so you should take your work seriously. There is time to kickback and relax, but there is also a time for studying. Don't forget that.

10) This is NOT high school.

You're an adult and you're out on your own (different than being alone), which means you are responsible for what you choose to do. Choose wisely.

This is a short summary of what I have learned in these past seven weeks. Keep an eye out for 10 more college things.

Seek Simplicity,