a shift

Recently I made a lifestyle change. I traded meat for vegan eats and daily couch lounges for daily yoga sessions and 4 mile runs.

I am beginning to learn how much I love taking care of my body in this way. There is something so invigorating about running. Your body is on fire while your soul is at ease.

For a long time I ran track and ran for fun, but I fell out of love with my body and the routine became a chore that I dreaded. I have come to realize that falling in love with your body doesn't come from the number on the scale or how your body looks in the mirror, but it comes from your Father and His overwhelming love for you.

I used to love running in baggy clothes, but i recently discovered that I like tighter fitting tops and bottoms for running. The less I have to fidget with the better. Some of my favorite running clothes:


HyperTek Leggings


Training Tank


Apres Short (I have these in black)

Fly-By Shorts

Nike Flex 2-in-1


Vanda Sports Bra

Strappy Lightweight

As for going vegan, I have a some facts for you and a reason for this specific shift. By going vegetarian or vegan you can reduce the impact of climate change, rainforest destruction, and pollution. On top of that you save gallons of water and other resources that are used to raise animals for our consumption.

My reasons for going vegan:

-Reducing the impact that food production (specifically meat and dairy) has on the already declining environment.

-By filling my body with rich nutrients and fresh foods I reduce my chances of many diseases such as breast cancer, colon cancer, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes.

- You feel so much better! I promise your 'time of the month' will feel like nothing (3 days long!!). You have healthier nails and hair. Plus, you can go forever!

Favorite vegan recipes:

Moroccan Soup (I recommend not putting cinnamon in the soup because it takes over.)

Broccoli Pizza Crust

The vegan recipe list will grow, but for now it's pretty short!

Seek Simple folks,


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