a funny little dance called life

Life has been doing this funny little thing lately. It sweeps me up and tells me to get with it, but then it forgets to remind what exactly I'm supposed to be getting with.

I'm planning and planning, but what for? There is nothing more for me to plan besides grocery lists, dorm prep, work schedules, and coffee dates. I don't have anything to do or anyone to do things with.

Life is whispering to me to move, go, JUST DO SOMETHING. I'm feeling this pulse more than ever. Sometimes I sit in my car when I am about to leave and I just think to myself 'where should I go?' I have no exact place to be, but I just need to move.


My heart pounds sometimes and I start to feel a ping of an anxiety attack come on. Life is sending me signals to go/do. But where/what? Anywhere?

My friend Paige once said to me- "Sometimes you're in a place and you don't feel like you belong there, but you're there, which is right where God wants you to be."

He puts us in these uncomfortable places at uncomfortable times for a reason. That reason may be for you to influence someone, for you to learn, or for you to just be.

Well, I'll tell you it is for sure uncomfortable and I dislike it very much, but it's where I am at.

But maybe not for long.

for those who crave adventure and a full life,

Seek Simplicity,


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