art of owning it

About three weeks ago I stepped into an American Eagle, which is a rarity for me because that isn't really my "style" and what happened shocked me, so here is my rendition.

I sauntered back to the clearance racks (a.k.a my home ) and in front of me was this pair of jeans. Now you're probably thinking, this girl is telling us a story of how a pair of jeans kind of changed her life, but just listen. I looked at these jeans and said "I HAVE TO HAVE THESE" to my forever friend Tay.

I proceeded to grab my size and go to the fitting room. I shimmied into these jeans and took a look in the mirror. I thought to myself "not to shabby." I got a confirmation from all my girls and then jumped up and down because I LOVE these jeans.

It wasn't just the jeans that got me all pumped up, it was this new found confidence that I had magically uncovered that had me jazzed.

One or two years ago I would never have even picked those jeans up because they weren't what everyone else was wearing.

With the purchase of these jeans, I realized how much I had really grown in the past few months. I was stepping out of my comfort zone in so many ways and I didn't notice it until these pants.

I am buying and rocking turtle necks, corduroy skirts, and midi skirts.

I am talking to random people at youth group, inviting random people to get custard, and dropping the rest of my cash into tin cans.

I am being vulnerable, taking on new adventures, and allowing myself to live. All because I have the confidence instilled in me by my creator.

Once you start believing you were created for a purpose by the MAN who loves you, you start to uncover parts of you that you never even knew existed. And now I OWN IT.


It is unbelievably hard to live in the shadow of someone else, which is why I was SO jazzed when I found these jeans. It was the first time in my life where I thought "I don't care what others think because I LOOK BOMB."

In this world, we are so consumed. By our phones, social media, peoples opinions, money, power, fame, etc.

We are so captivated by this idea of comparison and making better Instagram posts that we miss the important things about life. The messy kitchen after you cook, the dirty face you get when you plant a garden, the sweat stains you get from the zoo.

All the messy and dirty things we try so hard to cover up to seem perfect..are really the best.

But that Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter posts are all way more important than what is right in front of you, right? The answer is no.

So, yeah I have the confidence to ROCK those awesome jeans and take a cute photo by a brick wall for the Instagram I don't have, but I also have the confidence to ROCK a messy ponytail, sweat stains, dirty face, and no makeup for the REAL people that are right in front of me.

So, I challenge you to get real with your self and OWN who you are because it is way more fulfilling and fun than a life of living in the shadow of someone else.

p.s. thanks to all my new subscribers. thank you for joining me on my own little journey.

always seek simple and OWN it,


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