the power of thought-

"We all have souls, I believe that our soul is divinity" - Wesely

...............we are divine because we are created by a wonderful GOD................

I just joined this peer counseling/growth group this week. There are speakers from the community who join us and share a lesson or a part of their life with us.

This man came into our group today and shared a lesson. This was not his first lesson he has shared with the group, but the first I was honored to attend. His topic today was on FEELINGS (the worst 'f-word' ever).

I have always been some what of a self-aware person, but I have not always been an openly emotional person. I don't deal with my feelings in positive ways either.

What he started with was:

WHERE our feelings come from and the PURPOSE behind the feelings.

He said that our society isn't taught this way and we don't learn about our feelings like this. We process our feelings as how someone else makes us feel. When really our feelings and behaviors are manifestations of our own thought and by thinking differently we can control the way we feel and act.

It is a three-step process:




What I learned:

-negative feelings can be reflective of one negative thought

NEGATIVE EXAMPLE: If I think "My body is ugly," then I may skip some meals and worry about my body all the time.

POSITIVE EXAMPLE: If I think "My God created this body in His image and in His eyes" and "I LOVE my body," then I may eat a little better and put my energy into something more worthy of my time that my own image.

-acting out on your negative feelings is not a way to solve a problem

EXAMPLE: drinking, smoking, starving yourself, and hurting someone else will not make you happy and will not help you get out of what storm you're in. It may feel like the solution at the time, but it is only helping the weeds in your garden grow.

-people DO NOT dictate how you feel

EXAMPLE: if someone tells you you are worthless or ugly, you may feel bad. But why? You feel bad because, for a moment, you believe (THOUGHT) what they say to be true. If you tell yourself in the moment that what they are saying isn't true, then their comment will no longer control your feelings because it doesn't have power in your thought.

-we have the choice to love, to pray, and to think positively

EXAMPLE: when we are dealing with the struggles in our life we have the choice to act on it in any way that we decide. So, decide to love your body and treat it with kindness, decide to give the struggle up to Him, decide to change the way you think.

KNOW THIS GIRLS: I struggle with all of this, everyday, but own it. It's your mess, but know you can work on it. The best part of the struggle is when God tells you that all is going to be okay.

as always,