I am a cheat. I am a F L A T out L I A R.

I am a cheat. A fraud.

Deceiving and manipulating people with my truth, but the funny thing is that my truth is SOO far from His truth.

I want to live for His truth. I want to live for Him, not myself.

Through living for Him I can achieve anything that He wants for me, which is more rewarding than anything I could ever want.

I am a F L A T out L I A R.

I am telling myself a truth that doesn't exist. A lie so big it doesn't seem bad to tell anymore.

But it is time to get honest with myself. I can't continue to lie to the ones I love. I need the people who can see through my lies, my cheats, and see my true self. I need God.

I am everything but true to myself. And instead of dragging everyone and myself down, it is time that I become accountable. Time only I sink. No reason in dragging everyone else down. Lift them. Drown myself.

I don't mean the literal meaning of drown. I mean sinking into Him and drowning in myself. I'm done hiding behind the lies and giving impressions.

I am sinking into His plan for me. I am becoming who He wants me to be instead of who society or my friends want me to be.

No lying, no deceiving, and no more FAKE.


drowning in Him and only Him.

Seek Simple,


P.S. I forgot to mention before my last post that this is an I AM.. series. There is one more post left in this series and it will go up next week.