2017 resolutions

These are my resolutions for 2017. This year I am making significantly more than last year!

1. Hike the PCT.

P.S I have decided that I am going to hike the Pacific Crest Trial this Summer because hiking is something that I love to do. I will be 18 and it will be my first big adventure on my own. I am super pumped to hike almost 500 miles!

2. Stay off social media.

I have decided that it is for the better.

3. Write 2 blog posts every week for each blog.

This is going to push me, but I think it will help me stay on track.

4. Write in my journal daily because every little amount counts.

5. Get healthy.


I am going to hike/run everyday that I do not work. I am also starting to run in the morning.


I am starting to drink 64 ounces of water everyday and I am starting to make healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. I am cutting candy and soda out of my diet.


I am going to start think positively and when I don't I just have to remind myself of my mantra.

6. Use my planner.

Everyday in my life is crazy! I have to plan, plan, plan or otherwise I go crazy. So, I am starting to use a planner. Shout out to Paige, who gave me this planner as a gift.

7. Use my mantra when I get stressed.

"I can live with peace because I thrive on His love."

8. Learn to swing dance.

I take lessons every Monday at a local dance club with a couple of friends. I love the idea of being able to swing dance.

9. Start waking up on time.

I am really bad at waking up on time, which is funny because I woke up really late today!

10. Learn to listen.

I talk too much and often forget that listening can be just as powerful as talking.

11. Be present, happy, and thankful.

SCHOOL PROJECT. I did this for a school project and it became very therapeutic. I decided that doing something like this would make my life better.

12. Learn how to open up.

My best friend told me that I need to get better at showing my emotions, so here goes nothin'!

13. Become closer with the people I love.

I have moments where I just want to call all the people I love and just tell them 'I Love You' but so often I talk myself out of it because I don't want them to think I'm crazy.

14. Budget money.

15. Live with intention.

16. Read my Bible and continue my walk with Jesus.

17. Travel to 3 NEW destinations.

I'm planning to go to Oregon, Washington, Chicago, Indiana, and maybe Germany.