2016 end of year

I only started making resolutions last year. I made seven resolutions last year and I followed through with six of them, which is more than most people follow through with.

One of my long-distance friends and I make yearly 'goals', which is the same thing as a resolution. We plan goals for the year, the month, the week, and then down to the day. I love doing this because it allows us to stay on task and make sure that we stick to our resolutions.

This post is going to have a list of 2016 resolutions/goals that I made along with a little reflection.

1. Deleting all social media platforms.

This was my biggest promise to myself and I am beyond happy with how it made me feel as a person. This journey wasn't easy, but it was well worth it. Deleting all my social media platforms was like jumping into icy waters, but then wrapping up in a warm towel, cold, but rewarding. With two days left in the year, I can proudly say that I made it. I am contemplating making the resolution one that I can continue into next year, but I am not for sure yet.

2. Finishing the entire Bible.

This is one of the resolutions that I did not complete. I am not happy to say that I did not complete this one. Although I did not complete this, I became closer to God this year.

3. Drink more water.

I kind of forgot I made this resolution because I never downloaded the app to keep track of my water intake, but this really just ties into my next resolution, which is......

4. Become overall more healthy/ Get fit.

This resolution stemmed from my lack of taking care of my body toward the end of last year, so I decided to make it a point to eat everyday and exercise and be happy. I needed to find peace with my body, which is a struggle that still bears its little head. I'm working on it and that is what is important.

5. Start and ROCK my blog.

Well maybe not the rocking part, but I would definitely say that it is started and growing. This resolution doesn't stop here. This next year I will be starting a schedule of weekly posts, which means "PRE-PLANNING." Plus, I am starting a different blog for my sister. SO STAY TUNED.

6.Journal more.

Journaling is a way for me to sort my thoughts and frustrations out on paper instead of letting them take over my brain. I accomplished this by starting my blog and writing everything down. It wasn't always in my journal, but it was on Notes on my phone and random scrap papers and through essays for school.

7. Be I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T.

I strugggggle with being independent because it stems from my separation anxiety and my social anxiety. This year I became a leader with FCA, softball, and through working with kids in A+ class. It started becoming natural for me. I spoke in front of the entire student body and all of the veterans in our community and offered to speak at a local girls INSPIRE event. It is crazy what you can do when you step outside of your box and do something crazy.

8. Do something uncomfortable/ Conquer a fear.

I HATE NEEDLES. As a 16 year-old i nearly cried when I got a shot. Now, even though I cringe, I donated blood THREE times this entire year. Blood Banks are always in need of blood, so anytime you give it helps someone.

All things considered I had a great year and I am sad to see 2016 leave, but I am more than happy to tackle 2017