So, today I have a different style post. This post features photos of my family, friends, and I.

This past weekend I went to my SECOND corn maze of the year.

My first corn maze was with a bunch of friends and it ended with a couple of haunted houses and me peeing myself a tad (ooopps). This guy was sitting on the ground and he jumped, then crawled and well... I peed a little.

This was my crew (Left to Right). Back Row: Fran, Kevin, and sweet Ashlynne Front: Camille and ME!

This is Fran and I. This is my "wow, I can't pull off a good straight face." While Fran is pulling off a sly "look at my fab makeup." Ahhh jealous. We really only knew each other because we have the same last name. Psst.. we aren't even related.

This is Fran and I again posing for her Instagram. She captioned it "Hart's do it better." I am pulling off my best frat boy look here,

This past weekend I also went to church. There wasn't a lot of youth members there today. There were only the twins(Annie and Libby) and Chris.

Annie and I snapped this photo after Christmas Cantata practice. We hadn't even thought about taking any pictures in front of this little brick wall outside the church and the photo turned out wonderful. We needed a profile picture for our YouTube channel that is in the works. Plus, WE MATCHED!

My second corn maze was with my family. This corn maze was at an adorable house. This family had a pumpkin patch, turnip field, and corn field (DUH!). My family is pretty big and I have three brothers who all have their own personalities.

My youngest brother Levi is funny and quirky and my exact twin (we even have matching moles). This is me and my littlest brother Levi. He is such a sweetheart. He gives the best hugs too.

These are my favorite rubber boots. I am a preppy at heart, but Hunter boots are too expensive, so I bought these boots. They are called Chookas. They are super flexible and inexpensive.

This is Levi, my Mom, and I on our way to the corn maze. They had a cute little hay ride that was pulled by a tractor. The ride before us stopped by the turnip field and picked a lot of turnips. It was so cute. My mom ruined Levi and I's selfie, so I had to make hideous/silly face.

This is in the corn maze. I love taking these types of photos. You get a cute shot of your outfit and a cute shot of your surrounding

Here is another picture of ma FEET.

I enjoyed writing this post a tremendous amount. I loved recapping these moments that made me really happy.

Folks... the love boat has sailed and now we are on happy train!

to the happy, fall lovers,

Seek Simplicity,