oh, happy day

So, lately everything in my life has been revolving around happiness.

My psychology class has been debating whether happiness is a trait we are born with or whether happiness something that we are taught and continue to learn throughout our life. I think that both are valid.

To be exact, 50% of happiness is genetic, 10% of happiness is material, and the remaining percentage is intentional. By intentional I mean, wanting to become happy, practicing happiness, and to quote the movie Happy "Use it or Lose it." If you never practice your own happiness, happiness will not become a habit.

My pastor has been preaching this sermon called "slap happy." I am loving this sermon a great deal. It is helping me find the sources of true happiness. We answer this question every Sunday:

"What makes you happy?"

Absolutely NO THING

Happiness is about the who, not what, that makes us happy.

There are several more points I could make on this sermon series, but that is a whole different post.

Here is the link for the most recent sermon and feel free to explore into the rest of the sermons.

The main point for this post is that I am done letting other people have the power to control my happiness.

Yesterday, a situation occurred. A situation that, had it happened a year ago, would have ended badly. By badly I mean me in my bed, feeling isolated, and crying.

I was upset after the situation, but I didn't let it affect my entire day. I was very proud of myself and astonished for seeing this change in myself.

Happy (there is that word) to say my day ended in getting to catch up with a best friend who had been feeling really excluded. We watched movies and laughed and cried together.

This is my biggest piece of advice: Don't let other people determine your happiness. You have everything to be happy for. We had a God who sent his son to die for our sin. We have every reason to be happy.

to the happy, sad, mourning, and hurt,

Seek Simplicity,


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