silent embrace

photo: Pinterest.

I have seen a woman strut around a city with her nipple hanging out to support a feminist movement, I have seen a woman go bra-less in a public school, I have seen a woman tear her sweater off, face away from the camera, and snap a photo of her bare back. These women all have one thing in common, they are confident in embracing femininty.

embrace- an act of accepting or supporting something willingly or enthusiastically.

femininity- the quality of being female; womanliness.

I have really challenged myself to think about why this act of acceptance of my body was such a struggle. I am a woman, but why was I having trouble embracing it, embracing myself. Why was I shaming myself?

I have been in public school for 13 years and in society for 17. I have learned since I was 5 that a shoulder baring less than 3 inches of fabric was distracting to people. I have learned that legs baring shorts that were above your stick straight arms were inappropriate to wear to school because it is a place of learning and a woman's leg has the possibility to be seductive. I have learned to cover up and become modest for the fear of missing an opportunity to learn, instead of allowing men to learn that a woman's body is not their personal object to stare and oogle over. Could you see why I would be ashamed for embracing this side of my femininity that had to be, and still be guarded for myself only?

I am not blaming public school or society, I am blaming myself and women who have supported this way of thinking. I conformed. I let this matter settle.

"Girls are over sexualized in every aspect of our life no matter what, so I think it is time for some change." - a.p.

I am not a crazy feminist, so what if I was, I am a woman who is struggling to embrace her natural state of being. I am a female and I can't change that.

I believe in God. I haven't found a connection between these thoughts and my savior, but I know He created men and women with qualities that are unique to each gender. Women bring life into this world, we are mothers (if we choose), but I believe we are mothers even if we don't have children. We are mothers in the sense that we have the craving to care and love what we cultivate. I am cultivating an idea that embracing my femininity is in good faith. We are a creation, His art, and art deserves to be showcased.

"The human body is art and deserves to be shown off" - a.p.

I am embracing, cultivating this idea so that women after me don't have to live in a bubble and be afraid to embrace themselves.

to women who embrace femininity,

Seek Simplicity,