tattered bliss

Pictured above (Left to Right): Great Uncle Danny, Great Grandfather, and Great Grandmother.


puddles, raincoats, and magic galore

it made him happy back then

but she can't remember anymore.

when they first met

time slowly ticked

they thought they had eternity

sadly they were tricked

the meaning has left

and turned into a blur

cause when she slipped under the radar

happiness became more of a chore

when falling out of routine

is hell in itself

this life must have been intended

for somebody else

as they came to a close

he said his goodbyes

she says she can't recall

but when he looked into her eyes

all he saw were rainbows.



My great grandmother is in her upper 90s and has been struggling for about a year and a half with the aftermath of a stroke. She can't walk or remember anything. She comes up with hilarious stories, but most recently my great uncle got into a huge motorcycle wreck and broke several bones and had a hole in his skull. After paying her a visit he turned to Facebook and posted this story:

"Got some great news at mom and dads today! I showed my mother my bald spot on my head where the doctor says hair won't grow anymore because of my accident. Without hesitation she reached out and began rubbing the spot around and around. She told me the when she died in the hospital the day of her big stroke, Jesus came and took her by the hand and lead her up the Golden Stairway and showed her the Kingdom she will one day inherit, but told her now wasn't her time. He lead her back down the Golden Stairs and gave her back to us. However, the hand Jesus touched has some power left in it and since she rubbed my bald spot, hair will again grow there...My mother has never been a religious woman per say, to see her believe in the Lord with such conviction has been such a blessing for all of us and makes us all wonder what really did happen that fateful day to change a woman who never talked about her relationship with God to a person ready and willing to speak to everyone about Jesus and the stunning beauty awaiting all of God's children at the top of heavens Golden Staircase. I can't verbalize how I'll react should hair actually grow where the doctor said it won't." ~Great Uncle Danny.

I have never been one to talk about certain parts of my family and the things that happen that are seriously close to my heart. To see a woman who never talked about God turn around and talk so mercifully about her Savior changes me.

Recently with all the happenings with my Great Grandmother and the intensive care she requires my Great Grandfather has been openly talking about his situation. Seeing a man so torn about his situation he can't fix makes me re-think what I take for granted, such as time.

I vividly remember walking into the nursing home a couple of weeks before she came home, I was standing by her side with my Grandfather in the corner crying with an tattered, leather bible laying open in his lap. I remember way back when he tried talking about the Lord with her and she pushed him away.

Maybe this is her way of surrendering.

to the tattered.

Seek Simplicity,

Lea Hart.

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