Mini Vay-caaa Summary!!

I feel like I haven't written in a long time since I had a guest post on Sunday and didn't post on Friday due to a trip. So, long time no read!

Short Summary:

Allow me to walk through my splendid little mini-vacation this past weekend.

Friday I traveled to my grammas house, where my family and I enjoyed a simple meal complimented by a comfort cobbler with a side of ice cream. After dinner my brothers and I went outside and threw a Frisbee around for a while. Then, my brothers (age 8,14,15) and my new pup Humphrey and I went on a five mile run down an old road laced with memories.

Saturday began at 4:30 am, with a fifteen minute drive to my fathers house. The boys participated in a fishing tournament, while I multi-tasked; I ran a Cups and Pups craft booth with my mom and babysat my youngest sister. Eight hours and a sunburn later I showered and kicked back in my hammock {ahh so relaxing}. An hour before sunset my brothers (8 & 15) ran another five miles to catch a beautiful sunset (pictured above w/ no edit). Then I had a very restful slumber.

Sunday was a slow day (much appreciated). Normally Sundays are filled with panic and stress, due to preparing for the week ahead, but this Sunday I slept in till eleven!! Then my biological brothers got dressed and headed to my grammas house again for my youngest brother late birthday brunch. Then my brothers and I drove back to the Lake, while I mildly panicked for the stressful week that is currently at its peak.

I was very happy that I got to cruise old back roads, windows down, and jamming old country music. This as just a tiny taste of what summer will look like for me!

Come back to read a new post on Wednesday!

Live Simply,

Lea Hart

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