A Day in my Life

As a full time high school student and athlete and part time entrepreneur, my life can get pretty busy. So, I am going to take you through a day in my life.

1. Waking Up

Most people wake up, enjoy some quiet time, and then get ready for their day, but not me! I know I must leave the house to get to school by 7:05, therefore I wake from my deep slumber around 6:30. This leaves me time to scramble out of bed, get dressed, brush my teeth, walk the dog, and consume my morning coffee.

In between this and leaving I make sure I have all of the correct school stuff and my workout clothes are jammed in a bag.

Oh, and if I remember I grab a granola bar for the drive!

2. Leaving the House

It takes me approximately 17 minutes to get to the school from my house, not counting in the stop through Starbucks (only if the mornin' coffee is skipped).

My brother always rides to school with me, so we (meaning I) jam out to some old 90's hits. We typically arrive at school around 7:23 and then we snag our backpacks and head into school!

3. School Day

School is school, so there is not much to say other than the fact that I have some preeeetty cool teachers and I learn a ton of cool stuff. Our school runs on a block schedule, meaning that every other day we have different classes.

This is great for athletes and busy students because it gives us an extra day to catch up on our homework or assignments.

My most interesting classes would have to be Choir, Chemistry, and American History.

4. Practice

Whether it be softball in the fall, marching band, choir, or track after school, till 5:30, is usually consumed by sports or extra-curricular activities.

I play second, shortstop, or third base on the varsity softball team. I am an alto in the top show choir. I've played the flute for seven years. I run short distance and pole vault on varsity track.

5. Home and Homework

After I get home from practice and school, I run down the stairs and plop my backpack down! Then I do the dreaded task.... homework. Depending on the night I normally have an hour or two.

6. Chores

In order to receive monthly allowance every child must do their daily allotted chores. Mine are usually cooking, dishes, and random tasks my mother needs me to do. My mom and I are also running a small business, so we often work with that!

7. Nightly Routine

I always try to shower before bed, that way my hair can air dry! I wash my face and brush my teeth, all while jamming out to music!

8. Bed

I don't have a set time I typically hit the hay, but I can tell you it is normally quite late. Some nights I read, study, watch Netflix, or write before I fall asleep.

This sums up my day to day routine! My life isn't always a play by play though, I have my off days just as often as you and that's perfectly okay!

Live Simply,

Lea Hart

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