Five Things I Absolutely Could Not Live Without

As you stumble upon this blog you will crave to get to know the person you are reading about and to partially fulfill your craving, these are my life essentials. These five things are needed day to day to keep me sane! I could not live without the five things on this list.

During my short seventeen years of life I have grown into a young woman and without these five simple things my life would be a lot harder!

  1. Coffee

There are a couple ways to winning my heart and the first and most important one begins with the letter C. Coffee!! Some people enjoy the occasional cup of Joe and one of them is me, but by occasional I mean every day and by cup I mean gallon. To fully function I must intake the rich and glorious liquid before the 7 o’clock hour and most importantly before talking to anyone.

My love affair began at the very young age of four. My grandpa would give me small sips in between cartoon time, play time, and nap time, forsake of better terms; every chance he could get. I still remember the exact brew: Folgers medium roast! My gramma cursed his name when she would find out that his small sips of coffee became my cup or two every time I visited!

We would sip coffee on the porch while he enthralled me with stories about the good ole days or while he peeled me apples or while we watched Are You Smarter than A Fifth Grader. The best time we shared coffee was when he taught me to make his famous pancakes.

My love for coffee has only grown stronger since my grandpa’s passing. My favorite way to enjoy coffee is iced with cream! If I am brewing coffee myself I go black!

2. Photography

I have aweee’d and ooo’d over marvelous photos for many years and never in my life did I think I would have a passion for photography. I used to snap pictures with my iPhone until my dad bought me my first camera two years ago. Now I snap pictures with a Nikon 40D. I have photographed my little sister, cousins, families, and a couple of high school seniors. I love to capture those moments!


Without nature I would be very close-minded. Nature allows me to see that imperfections can be beautiful. I love to take a hikes in the woods, canoe in the lake, or go fishing with my dad.

My favorite thing about nature is trees. If you look at a tree—almost any tree—you will see a ballet dancer. If you concentrate it looks as if the dancer is doing an arabesque with their leg held very high. Every person I have told this to thinks I am a little wonky, but next time you see a tree find that dancer; nature is all about perspective.


I live to learn and I love learning how things work and what happened in our world. Everyday should be taken as a chance to learn something new.

School may not be high on everyone’s list, but it is something that I take very personally. The opportunity to learn is something that is taken for granted across the U.S. My education so far has been a wild ride filled with great teachers, hard assignments, and crazy opportunities.

School is not the only place I learn. I learn from myself and others. You can learn very valuable things from wise people and their mistakes or experiences. You can also learn from and about yourself as you get older. I would say I have learned the most about myself in the past eight months. Learning from yourself is the hardest way to learn, but the easiest to access, you just have to keep an open mind.

5. Friendships/Relationships

I am not talking romantic relationships, but I am referring to a great mentor, teacher, or parent. I could not live without my friends, although they can be rowdy sometimes I still love getting ice cream at 9 PM or roadtripping all day. I love to talk to people about almost anything and I love hearing other people’s stories.

Every relationship in my life holds great importance. I will do anything for most people and that can build a very strong bond. I enjoy challenging my friends and love to tackle/ask the hard questions.

What are some of the things you can’t live without? Did we have any in common? Comments are welcome down below!

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