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tik tok platform

how it started

As I got closer to leaving for my annual road trip, I found myself following tiktok pages that emphasized travel. When I Followed these pages, I was hit with the same frustrations that I felt in January 2020. I was frustrated because no one was talking about it all. Most individuals have brand deals, so they weren't talking about where to find good, quality products on a budget. And if they were they were cheap items that I could tell would fall apart. 

my why

My goal is to cultivate a safe space for curious and eager beginners to grow in their knowledge of backpacking, hiking, and camping. accessing nature shouldn't be limited to the far and few between who spend hours researching. 
I give my tell-all tips, and tricks that I wish I would have known when I began my research journey. My TikTok content is paired with detailed blog posts about the topics that I feature.

Unfiltered. Authentic. Inclusive. Inspiring.

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