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Meal Planning

Grand Teton NAtional Park

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What is group Dinner?

Group dinners are a fun way to gather together and eat a meal together. As we begin to meet over zoom, we talk about dietary restrictions so we are all aware. Then, the trip leaders split the group up into smaller groups. In these smaller groups, you and your partners will agree on a meal idea that will feed the whole group (being sensitive to dietary restrictions). Then, based on the schedule, you will cook as a group the night that you are assigned. Your group will buy the ingredients when we go shopping for all your meals for the trip and use a small portion of your own food budget for these meals.

Do we have to pay for our own meals during the trip?

Yes and no! The trip payments you make go toward paying for all of your needs during the trip, which includes food! In your trip payments, You are paying for $100 in your own food budget. I will give you an envelope containing $100. You will use your meal planning document that you worked on prior to the trip to develop your grocery list for when we visit the grocery store. This $100 is to be allocated to buying your meals for the trip as well as your ingredients for the group meals. Any food over the budget of $100 is to be covered by your personal funds. Any group meal agreed on is to be personally funded.

How do we meal plan?

Great Question! When we meal over zoom prior to the trip, One of our trip leaders will give a short lesson on meal planning, how to make sure you are eating enough, and examples for good meals. We also make sure to address meal planning with dietary restrictions (veganism, gluten-free, vegetarian). We specifically talk about calories* to weight ratio and meal prep on the trail.

**If conversations around calories or food, in general, bring upon anxiety, your trip leaders will offer separate breakout rooms where language can be adjusted and support can be offered to make sure you are eating enough on trail without necessarily triggering you. Your safety is our priority and you have to consume enough food to have the energy to do the hikes that we are doing. If your trip leaders do not talk about food, we may not be taking care of you in the best way we can. 

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